Investigating cases of the most common form of murder - when a married person kills a partner.

An exclusive true crime series which features the most common form of homicide in the world - when a married person kills a partner.

It seems love can truly make us mad. Women who are murdered are more likely to have been killed by their husbands than anyone else. As for men, whilst it is more likely their assassin will be a friend or acquaintance, the second most dangerous person they face is their wife.

Meet, Marry, Murder has a cast of characters we all recognise; sisters and brothers, best friends, matchmakers, children, parents, former school friends or co-workers. They are the witnesses to the sort of lives we all lead... this could be you or me. The ordinariness of life is at the heart of the extraordinary and tragic events we see - what a couple first felt about each other becomes central to the unforeseen real-life dramas which lie ahead. We hear about the sometimes strange reasons one spouse begins to hate the other. Motives are varied. Greed - as some have killed to cash in on insurance money, jealousy - as affairs have been discovered, convenience - as partners have simply wanted their spouse dead to make room for another. 

All human life is in this series which will resonate the world over.


52 x one hour


2020 – 2021


FirstLook TV



Executive Producers

Will Hanrahan, Gillian Carter

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