Riley Rocket is an action-packed, music-filled comedy about Riley and her band, who gained supersonic powers when they cranked up the volume during a band jam, causing an electrifying sonic surge! Now they are secret superheroes who use the power of music to save the day: baddies beware!

Riley Rocket is based on an idea by Emmy award-winning songwriter Matthew Gerrard (High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Dora the Explorer) and musician Mladen Alexander (Pixel Perfect, Degrassi), whose cousin is the inspiration for Riley.

Riley is the ultra-talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist of her band Megablast, joined by her friends/ bandmates Alex and Theo. She inherited her musical gifts from her ex-rock star parents - who still think they’re famous (embarrassing!). Riley has a vivacious personality and is bursting with positivity and can-do attitude. She doesn’t let anything get in the way of her ambition - and she has really big dreams!

The band’s world was rocked - literally - during an especially loud jam session. Riley’s Aunt Jenny, a former roadie for her parents and now owner of the coolest music shop in town, upgraded their amps in an effort to create the “perfect sound,” but instead caused a sonic megablast that left the kids and their instruments with superpowers. High Voltage! They named their band after the event: Megablast.

When the band discover their superpowers, they are compelled to use them for good – saving their hometown Greenville from mischievous baddies.  They figured they should have cool hero names, so Riley is Rocket, Alex is Metalix, Theo is Thunder and Hendrix becomes Trix. Aunt Jenny is the only one who knows their superpower secret. But despite all the excitement of being superheroes, their true aspirations are musical. The practice nearly every day and make quick work of the baddies that keep interrupting their rehearsals. 

Along with their instruments, Riley’s wheelchair, Alex’s skateboard, and Theo’s bike also transform when they do. With her set of wicked wheels and bandmate besties, Riley aka Rocket is always ready to (rock n’) roll into action!


30 x 11 minutes




BGM Inc.



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