Hailing from all corners of the globe, six of the best ghost hunters in the business have joined forces to investigate paranormal activity in Australia’s most haunted locations.

In an Australian first, Haunting Australia assembles a team of global ghost hunting experts, each offering a unique talent that strengthens the team and their collective investigating methods. Together the team take on terrifying ghosts in haunting and harsh environments that more often than not hold violent histories, rich with tragedy, abuse and death.

As the team travel to Australia’s haunted locations they discover a wealth of injustice, sadness and aggression that lingers on in the form of paranormal presence and dominates buildings even in their contemporary and often idyllic surrounds.

Assuming the role of lead investigator is world renowned Robb Demarest who has explored haunted sites across the world for more than 20 years. Despite dedicating his life to paranormal explorations, Demarest remains skeptical of reports of ghostly activity. His approach to investigations means he needs physical or scientific evidence before agreeing that a site has paranormal presence.

This approach is in contrast with several of his teammates, including the UK’s psychic bad boy Ian Lawman. The fully ordained exorcist uses his psychic ability to seek out the energy and presence of the afterlife. It is this dynamic of psychic versus scientific that makes the Haunting: Australia team so successful in their investigations.

The series sees the investigators grow and develop a deeper understanding of each other’s skills whilst their beliefs and courage are pushed to the brink in a series of breathtaking investigations. Haunting: Australia is a journey into the unknown that often features terrifying twists and turns, from psychic scares and demonic possessions to sightings and stories that offer no rational explanation. Each location selected for its much-reported mysteries and each looking for an answer, the team use specialised technology, psychic power and true grit determination in a bid to solve the unsolvable.



8 x one hour


Syfy Australia, Reality TV UK




Flame Productions



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