Across a fast paced, humorous and eye-popping series, Young & Pretty Minted takes an entertaining look at a fresh new breed of entrepreneurs. Cyber capitalists making a mint out of online gaming, Instagram and YouTube have opened-up a wonderful world of profit never seen before.


24 year old Erin is a businesswoman, model, and ‘social influencer’. Designers and fashion houses pay her up to £900 each time she posts a single Instagram photo of herself wearing one of their outfits. Erin’s also recently launched her own range of eyelashes as well as a rap career.

22 year old online superstar Gonth has made masses of money without even leaving his bedroom. His YouTube videos are viewed by millions, and sponsors que up to have their names associated with him.

On an unassuming Industrial Estate, Toni, a very respectable looking young businesswoman, is making a mint producing the raunchiest range of greetings cards known to humankind. Toni and her team of equally innocent looking colleagues are now expanding their range to include t-shirts, tote bags and an exquisitely off-colour collection of Christmas Tree baubles. Butter wouldn’t melt in the Banter Cards girls’ mouths, but what they put down on paper, card and canvas would make even Gordon Ramsey blush.

With a cast that includes online gamers, fashion designers and female racing drivers, Young and Pretty Minted lifts the lid on the brave new world where the under 30’s are absolutely raking it in!


Back with more from the most popular characters, and some fresh faces doing weird and wonderful things. We follow clothing designer Alex to Cannes for his catwalk debut. We go to Ibiza with the Spectrum Girls – sisters Hannah and Sophie – who started their business in a garage four years ago and it is now worth £8 million. We meet an 18 year old who’s making a mint out of dog biscuits; and another 18 year old who sells creepy crawlies online. Returners include YouTube superstar Gonth who buys a house and tries his hand at presenting. Toni Banter Cards calls in expert help when her company becomes so successful, she can’t cope. And she gets pregnant. Erin launches a YouTube channel as she does work experience at a recycling centre.


A refreshing and upbeat look at the enterprising young people who started businesses during the pandemic, and who are making a wild success of things against all the odds. As usual it’s an eclectic and energetic mix covering everything from OnlyFans to hand sanitiser. Ellis is a 20 year old student who has found lockdown fame as a TikTok drag artist. Laura made a fortune last March when she was canny enough to get one of the first UK licences to manufacture hand sanitiser, and has used the money to launch her own beauty brand. 21 year old Bobbie started an online booty camp that’s gone global; while nightclub owner Panikos flipped to opening pop-up RestaurClubs that attracted the rich and famous. When Alaw was furloughed from her part-time gym job she started modelling lingerie on OnlyFans from her bedroom and has gone from earning £500 a month to pulling in £5,000 a month. Scott’s made a mint from donuts, Ifan the farmer’s milkshakes have gone viral, and Toni Banter Cards is back once more with a fantastically funny range of Covid-related product.


Seasons 1 - 3: 15 x half hours


BBC Wales




Marmalade TV



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Alex Pike - Fashion Designer - Ep1 -07698

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