The Football Academy is a documentary series following the young players and staff of the Southampton F.C. Academy.

The central characters to this series are boys and girls of ages ranging between 10 – 16yrs. This is a diverse cast of young footballers, male and female.

Audiences will also get to know the coaches, teachers, parents, host families, Physiotherapists, Scouts inside this world class academy in addition.

Each 30 minute episode has a main story strand and 2 or 3 smaller topics to develop.

Example stories include:

·       New Recruit: Meeting a main character - a 13 year old player who is leaving their family to move into digs in Southampton to pursue their dream of turning professional.

·       The Legends: Meeting the Southampton's first team and former players who’ll share valuable insight and advice.

·       Finding Balance:There is a tough balance between schoolwork and football. Its not enough to just excel on the field.

·       Adapting to Adversity: Overcoming a disability to play football is a tremendous challenge. We’ll see how the players with various disabilities are coping, as they balance all the same problems and life stresses as the non-disabled players, with even further complications, unique to them.

·       Going On A Cup Run: Our main characters will all play for teams that participate in Youth Cups. We will follow the story as one of more of them go on a cup run and build up to a key match.

·       Winning and losing: We see the kids learning to win graciously and lose respectfully, understanding that sportsmanship is important on and off the pitch.

·       Day to day around the academy: Getting to know the staff who keep the academy running.


15 x half hours




Zig Zag Productions



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