A light-hearted prank show hosted by former England International and Manchester City star Micah Richards.

When Micah Richards hung up his boots and became a pundit – not only was he a constant source of humour and positivity, but he even brought out a lighter side in Roy Keane.

He played at the highest level and won the Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup during his career with Manchester City and his full England debut in November 2006, made him the youngest defender to be called up to the England squad.

In this series Micah is going to combine his footballer friendships. Using his inside knowledge of the player’s schedules, routines and hobbies – he’ll be able to lure the players into his pranks using ruses he knows they’ll believe.

Then, when he reveals himself and the set up – the players are sure to find the funny side because they know Micah so well. Plus – Micah’s fun personality, infectious laugh and cheeky banter are sure to add another level of hilarity to the pranks and reveals.

In each episode, Micah stitches up a Premier League footballer.
• He sets up large scale hidden camera pranks that are sure to create hilarious reactions.
• Micah watches the action play out on monitors, feeding lines & directions to the actors and sometimes even going undercover himself!
• Micah builds on his friendships with the players to craft the pranks and lure them into the scenarios.
• When Micah and the player reveal the set up, the ‘mark’ is sure to see the funny side because of their friendship.
• Sometimes one player may team up with Micah and help to prank a team-mate or rival!


4 x half hours




Zig Zag Productions



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