How far would you go to defend the idea of an open press? This documentary is the extraordinary story of a man who risks everything, to preserve freedom of speech in Russia. 

It is a tale of bravery, defiance, and a simple refusal to give in to Vladimir Putin – whatever the cost.   

In December 2021 Dmitry Muratov is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

He is the editor-in-chief of Russia’s only independent newspaper, Novaya Gazeta.

Since he founded Novaya six of his journalists have been murdered, after their reports displeased the state. Most famously, reporter Anna Politkovskaya, gunned down in the lift of her Moscow apartment.

Another war dominates this film.

In February 2022 Russia invades Ukraine.

In early March, using the cover of a documentary film festival, Muratov secretly negotiates free passage for forty journalists with the Latvian government.

Then, all too aware of the risk he is running, he returns to Moscow to look after his paper and its remaining staff.

In May he announces that he is going to auction his Nobel medal and give the money to Ukrainian refugees. Days later, he is on a train home to see his mother.

Suddenly a masked attacker bursts into his compartment and pours red paint all over him. The paint is laced with acetone. Dima’s eyesight is permanently damaged.

Undaunted, he goes ahead with the auction. And on June 21 Muratov’s medal sells for a record $103 million.

To this day, he refuses to leave Moscow, whatever the pressure on him and his team.

‘Putin stands for death. I stand for life.’

"Exposes the extent to which Putin’s autocratic rule has now become totalitarian." MODERN TIMES REVIEW
**** [Four Stars] DAILY MAIL WEEKEND
"Pick of the day." DAILY RECORD
"Powerful yet intimate film." SCOTTISH DAILY MAIL
"Pick of the week." RADIO TIMES
"Don't miss." IRISH DAILY STAR
***** [Five Stars] WHAT'S ON TV
"Powerful and arresting documentary." THE GUARDIAN
"This big bear of a man would be the last person to see himself as a hero, yet that was the unavoidable conclusion after watching this gripping, terrifying, film. Dmitry Muratov: remember the name." THE HERALD
"Pick of the day." THE OBSERVER
"Riveting documentary." THE DAILY TELEGRAPH
"Watching this documentary while drinking tea at my desk, I feel admiration and something close to shame." THE NEW STATESMEN
"What the film does particularly well is accentuate the tragic irony which has seen Muratov become branded a foreign agent and enemy of the state despite seeming an exemplary patriot." FINANCIAL TIMES
**** [Four Stars] FINANCIAL TIMES
"Punchy yet intimate portrait of Russian journalism under fire." FINANCIAL TIMES
"Many will know what he did with his Nobel medal; nevertheless, to witness it here is remarkable." THE GUARDIAN
"A compelling film." THE GUARDIAN
***** [Five Stars] THE GUARDIAN




1 x 85-minutes (1 x 74-minute & 52-minute versions also available)


Channel 4, PBS Frontline




Oxford Films




Patrick Forbes


Yelena Zagrevskaya, Vanessa Tuson

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