Your data was only the beginning...

People You May Know follows Charles Kriel, specialist advisor to UK Parliament on disinformation, when he discovers Cambridge Analytica collaborating with a software company creating a microtargeting platform for US churches, targeting vulnerable people - the poor, the grieving, the addicted - to radicalise them for far-right politics.

With US 2020 elections coming, Kriel gathers a team of whistleblowers and journalists, and journeys across America with his young family, where he discovers a powerful organisation with ties to the heart of the White House. The man who commissioned CA is a member of the most powerful secret political organisation in the United States, with an agenda to rewrite the Constitution according to Christian law.

Going undercover, he risks everything to gain access where no outsider has ever set foot.

“Shocking, terrifying” AMP
“Explosive” ZDF
“Seriously spooky… as deeply unsettling as it is gripping” SPYTALK
“Excellent… everyone must see” GOODREADS
“Will help foster a deeper understanding of how intelligent, educated people can be mind-controlled remotely through social media and through cyber warfare” GOODREADS
“If you like being shocked, creeped out and righteously infuriated by documentaries such as The Great Hack and The Social Dilemma that explain how our data is being mined by nefarious forces, then you’ll love People You May Know” THE GUARDIAN
“Eye-opening” THE GUARDIAN
**** [Four Stars] THE GUARDIAN
“Chilling and timely” THE SUN DAILY
“Must watch… couldn’t be more timely” RELIGION DISPATCHES
“Goes beneath the surface... a really fascinating documentary” RNZ
“The Grown-up version of The Social Dilemma... shocking” RNZ
“If you’ve enjoyed watching Netflix’s The Social Dilemma, you’ll get to delve into the far reaching consequences of the abuse of data privacy in People You May Know” THE SUN DAILY


1 x 92-minutes (1 x 59-minute version also available)




Metrotone Media


UK & Norway


Katharina Viken, Charles Kriel

Executive Producer

Jezz Vernon

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