The Colin Sutton casebooks.

Former Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton spent 30 years in the police force, a career that saw him lead many of the most high profile and successful murder investigations of his generation, and although he will forever be associated with the arrest and conviction of serial killer Levi Bellfield and ‘night stalker’ Delroy Grant, his career was so much more, as his conviction record shows. Of the 37 murder cases he investigated, he solved 35 with convictions. 

In this exclusive 10-part series, Sutton (recently portrayed by Martin Clunes in ITV’s huge hit drama Manhunt) will revisit cases he led and explore everything from the crime itself through to the breakthrough moment when the suspect was identified and arrested. He will take the viewer on a journey from the moment the police were called to the scene, visit key locations, and explain how he and his team managed to gather enough evidence to secure a conviction.

The Real Manhunter features contributions from fellow police officers and journalists who covered the cases and will offer a gripping insight into exactly what happens after the most violent of crimes has been committed.

EPISODE 1: ‘The Night Stalker’ Delroy Grant – The rape and sexual assault of over 100 elderly women

EPISODE 2: Levi Bellfield – The murders of Marsha McDonnell, Amélie Delagrange and Milly Dowler

EPISODE 3: Nimpha Ong & Ahmed Al-Haddad – The murder of Bridget 'Bridie' Skehan

EPISODE 4: Thomas Hughes – The murder of Krystal Hart

EPISODE 5: Stephen Andrews, Ryan Seymour, unnamed 16-year-old – The murder of Christopher Donovan

EPISODE 6: Michael Pech – The murder of Clare Bernal, known as the Harvey Nichols Murder

EPISODE 7: David Lauwers – The Dream City cinema fire

EPISODE 8: Martin Hale – The disappearance of Maureen Hale


Available as: 6 x 45-minutes & 2 x 90-minutes


Available as: 10 x 45-minutes (with two stories available as 2-part specials)

Episodes available as 2-part specials: Delroy Grant & Levi Bellfield


6 x one hour & 2 x 90-minutes (10 x one hour version also available)




Revelation Films




Tony Carne, Trevor Drane


Colin Sutton


Trevor Drane, Chris Matthews

Executive Producers

Jonathan Ford, Kirsty Bell, Phil McKenzie


Chris Matthews, Trevor Drane

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