To celebrate the rich and fruitful relationship between rivers and people, Paul Murton sets off on a new Grand Tour, this time of Scotland's Rivers.

Scotland holds two thirds of Britain’s river systems, more than 125,000 km. Varying from small highland burns to deep, wide lowland rivers such as the Forth and Tay, when combined there is enough river in Scotland to go round the Earth three times.

Following each river from source to sea, Paul Murton travels through a great variety of iconic scenery and spectacular landscape.

Each Grand Tour celebrates the rich and fruitful relationship between rivers and people, and introduces a cast of characters who live along the banks of Scotland’s great waterways. As Paul experiences the glories of Scotland’s everchanging scene, he uncovers intriguing tales from the past in a land where history and legend, myth and reality are tightly woven together.


EPISODE 1: The River Garry – Taming the Wild
Paul explores the River Garry, which flows from the Grampian Mountains, re-fights the Battle of Killiecrankie and falls off a bridge before climbing the ‘speckled hill’.

EPISODE 2: The Upper River Spey - The Past Re-imagined
Paul explores the upper reaches of the river Spey – Scotland’s third longest river – travels through Badenoch to a hidden love nest, before working up steam on a heritage railway.

EPISODE 3:The Lower River Spey – A Bountiful River
Paul explores the lower reaches of the river Spey – Scotland’s 3rd longest river - famous for its forests, whisky distilleries, and salmon as it flows north towards the coast.

EPISODE 4: The River Nith - A River of Invention
Paul explores the landscape and history of the River Nith in south-west Scotland, from its source in a remote forest to the shining sands of the Solway Firth.

EPISODE 5: The River South Esk – Going the Distance
Paul Follows the eastward course of the river South Esk from its source in the hills above Glen Clova to the extraordinary Montrose Basin, and on to the sea.

EPISODE 6: The River Ayr – Salt of the Earth
Paul heads to the river Ayr for this Grand Tour. Starting on Hareshaw Hill, he uncovers a legacy of mineral wealth and religious conflict before reaching the Clyde coast.


EPISODE 1 The Upper River Dee
From the hights of the Cairngorm Mountains, Paul follows the River Dee to Royal Deeside – the favourite home of British Royalty from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II.

EPISODE 2 The Lower Dee
From Royal Deeside, so beloved by Queen Elizabeth II, Paul continues his journey down the river Dee to Aberdeen on the North Sea coast.

EPISODE 3: The River Annan
The river Annan rises in above the Devils Beeftub. Paul follows it to the sea and discovers a history of bloodshed, violence, health spas - and the disturbing news that the hero of Scottish independence Robert the Bruce might have been born in England.

EPISODE 4: River North Esk
Paul’s Grand Tour begins high in the Pentland hills south east of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. Following the river to the sea, Paul encounters leaping witches, visits the mysterious Roslin chapel, made famous by the Da Vinci Code, discovers a hidden and inspirational glen, before reaching the coast and the Firth of Forth. 

EPISODE 5: The River Teviot
Paul’s route starts at the source of the river Teviot close to the English border, discovers the bloody Reiving history of Teviot Dale, gallops with the Hawick Common Riding, spends the night in a haunted jail, hears tales of Nazi deputy leader Rudolph Hess, before finally reaching the Tweed where a Scottish king went off with a bang. – quite literally. 

EPISODE 6: The River Ythan
The final Grand Tour of the series starts where the river Ythan rises in rural Aberdeenshire then follows it as it flows through fields and timeless riverbanks, to a haunted castle with a murderous past, then on to a home to a thousand babies, before arriving at the coast amongst abundant wildlife. 


EPISODE 1: The Upper River Tay
Paul begins his journey in a microlight high above the mountainous source of the Tay and follows the river east through ancient clan lands to the mythical heart of Scotland.

EPISODE 2: The Lower Tay
From the rapids of Grandtully, Paul continues his journey down the River Tay, discovering the inspiration behind Peter Rabbit, the poetry of Perth, and on to the silvery Firth of Tay

EPISODE 3: The River Don
The river rises above the famous Cock Bridge in the Cairngorms National Park. Paul’s journey downstream encounters an ancient band of highlanders, discovers the original Craigievar Express and learns how high fashion was once produced in Bridge of Don.

EPISODE 4: River Oykel
Paul’s Grand Tour begins on a mountain in Assynt where he visits an unusual memorial to an aircrew lost during WW2. From there he heads east, tries his hand fishing in a mountain loch, before learning about the Duke’s toothpick and an ambitious land reclamation scheme. Journey’s end is on the shores of the Dornoch Firth.

EPISODE 5: The River Forth
The River Forth is one of Scotland’s most celebrated rivers, embracing both the highlands and the lowlands. Paul discovers a legacy of ice age whale bones in the peaty soil, refights the Battle of Bannockburn, and learns about an early gig played by an unknown band called the Silver Beetles which later became a global phenomenon – The Beatles.

EPISODE 6: The River Irvine
The final Grand Tour of the series starts where the River Irvine rises in rural Ayrshire. Paul then follows it as it flows through villages once famous for their lace, discovering beautiful agates as he goes.  In Kilmarnock, he learns about a connection between poet Robert Burns and slavery, before arriving in the town of Irvine and the Firth of Clyde.



Seasons 1 - 3: 18 x half hours




2021 - 2023


Gadabout Films



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