In the harsh Australian Outback, water drillers, Danyelle and Anthony Haigh give up their nomadic life for something they’ve never done before – farming!

Water drillers, Danyelle and Anthony Haigh give up their nomadic life of searching for water for cattle ranches, to offer their two sons, Heath and Theo, a more settled life. They swap water drilling for farming.

They sell up everything and move 3,000 kilometres from their home in Queensland to a remote, ramshackle, 5,000 acre farm, slap bang in the middle of Australia! Out there it’s harsh, desert country, where temperatures exceed 40 degrees and bush fires rage.

City girl, Danyelle and country boy, Anthony have never run a farm before and they’re banking on growing hay - in the desert! The debts are huge and they’ve given themselves just 2 years to make it a success.

Big dreams? Or a big fat nightmare? 

EPISODE 1 - You’re Mad -You’re Mad!
Anthony and Danyelle Haigh start their new life converting a failed, desert farm into a hay growing business and tourist park, diving deeper into debt with the purchase of a massive irrigation watering system. Two year old, Theo, gets sick and struggles to breathe. With the nearest hospital over 2 hours away, Anthony and Danyelle must act quickly to save Theo’s life.

EPISODE 2 - No Friggin’ Water!
Farm hard Elijah and farm caretaker, Shane are left in charge on the farm while Anthony is away. While laying water pipes, they sever the main water pipe risking the farm’s entire hay crop. Danyelle gets her first booking for the tourist park accommodation but it still needs a complete renovation. It’s all hands to the pumps to get it ready in time. Meranda and Shane are feeling the pressure of the work and the remoteness. Their son, 4 year old Finlay, goes missing.

EPISODE 3 - When life Gives You Lemons
The brand new, $300,000 baler, has a missing part, putting a stop to the Haigh’s first harvest. New farm hand, Bree is brought into help Elijah, prune 300 lemon trees, that are vital to the farm’s lease. The Haigh family leave the farm to attend an Outback style rodeo called a Campdraft. Danyelle gives Bree and Elijah just 5 days to complete the work on the lemon trees. On the family’s return to the farm, governess Deri, tells Danyelle she is leaving.

EPISODE 4 - Bush Fire Coming!
Anthony and Danyelle hit the road with their first delivery of hay. They’ve barely left the farm when their truck breaks down. As they attempt to limp home, the truck shudders violently and black smoke pours from the exhaust. Anthony can’t stop the engine. Monsoonal storms approach the farm sending down lightning that starts a bush fire which heads straight for the farm. Anthony and Elijah attempt to put the fire out by back burning. The only hope they have is for the wind to change or the rain to pour.

EPISODE 5 - Hay Fever

It’s the busiest time of the year…and the most profitable. But disaster strikes when the brand new tractor breaks down, bringing the vital harvest to a halt. Meanwhile, Danyelle attempts to save her lemon trees with hundreds of bees.

EPISODE 6 - Make Hay While the Sun Shines
It’s the end of their first year on the farm and Anthony is going gangbusters with hay sales earning more than he’s ever done before. New farm caretaker, Pete, takes over the work while Anthony heads into town, but just as Pete is about to finish his first field, a tyre blow out brings the work to a halt. Meanwhile Danyelle prepares to open her tourist park with guests that are guinea pigs for the new venture. But that’s if they can find the farm….

"With its compelling narrative and powerful human drama, this new series promises to be a fascinating exploration of resilience, ambition, and the unyielding Australian landscape." TV BLACKBOX
"Provides an intimate look at a daring family's transition to a new way of life." TV BLACKBOX
"Captivating new documentary series." TV BLACKBOX
"Packed with tears and tense moments." NEW IDEA
"Resonates powerfully with international audiences." FILMINK
"Outback Farm takes the audience into an area of the world that is foreign to almost everyone, even Australians." FILMINK
"Intriguing." FILMINK
"Pick of the day." TV TONIGHT


6 x one hour


Discovery, Channel 7 Australia




Prospero Productions




Jason Donovan

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