28 lost adventurers must fight for their lives after their only lifeline is destroyed in the most uninhabitable place on Earth – Antarctica.

Shackleton - The Greatest Story of Survival reveals the true story of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance, told by the man who lead the only team ever to have repeated their incredible feat - explorer and adventurer Tim Jarvis.

In 1913 Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail with 27 men in an attempt to cross the frozen continent of Antarctica on foot. His vessel became trapped in sea ice, forcing the crew to face the permanent darkness of winter trapped on the frozen Weddell Sea. After nine months locked in the ice, the ship was crushed beyond repair, forcing the crew into a desperate battle to survive and find their way back to civilization. While the men carved out an existence on reduced rations and pest-riddled seals and penguins, the sea ice they camped on was slowly melting. It was only a matter of weeks before the ice would disappear, and they were hundreds of miles from land. With a seemingly impossible task in front of them, their success would hinge on the man whose ambitions had just been devoured by the very land he aimed to conquer.

No one knows this story better than Tim Jarvis. In 2013, Tim built a replica of Shackleton’s tiny keelless lifeboat, the James Caird, and repeated Shackleton’s incredible feat. Sailing 1,200 miles in the roughest ocean on the planet, he successfully made the same journey from Antarctica to South Georgia amongst 10-metre-tall waves and sub-zero conditions. Not satisfied with simply making the crossing, Tim completed the recreation by crossing South Georgia’s rugged mountains using the same inadequate clothing and supplies Shackleton had available to him.

Following in the beset crew’s footsteps, Tim examines Shackleton’s decision making process, uncovering the incredible leadership qualities that allowed him to save his crew. It’s a lesson more relevant to us now than ever before. 100 years after Shackleton’s epic feat, climate change has altered the mountains and glaciers Shackleton traversed almost beyond recognition.

Soaring glaciers, towering walls of ice, storm-tossed oceans and a desperate fight for life – Antarctica and Shackleton’s story are made for the big screen, especially the biggest screens in the world. Shackleton: The Greatest Story of Survival transports us back 100 years using archival footage, re enactment and original imagery to create the most complete retelling of the greatest survival story from the heroic era of polar exploration and reveal the enduring legacy of Shackleton’s leadership in the face of impossible odds.

"We get a vivid sense of the cold, the desolation and the implacable will to survive." RADIO TIMES
**** [Four Stars] DAILY MAIL
"This inspirational story of human endurance keeps audiences captivated throughout" CITYHUB
"An incredible true story of survival" FILMINK
"The film does a wonderful job of bringing to life Shackleton’s extraordinary feat of leadership and survival" THE STARFISH
"Breathtaking cinematography" THE STARFISH
"Jarvis is an impressive narrator" FILMINK


1 x 90-minutes


Foxtel Australia




Wild Pacific Media



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