Documentary series following the patients and staff of a major hospital trauma unit.

Every day, the medical staff at the Royal University Hospital in Stoke take difficult life and death decisions. This gripping documentary series, filmed with extraordinary access to a hospital trauma unit and other emergency departments, charts the vital interventions, actions and medical strategies that the specialist consultants and their teams experience while delivering immediate life-saving care. 

Ground-breaking in its approach, with no commentary, and close-up innovative camera work more akin to fast paced drama, Critical Condition follows in incredible detail the staff and patients as they confront the realities of emergency medicine.? It’s a powerful, highly emotional and ultimately awe-inspiring look at how staff work to save the lives of their sickest and most injured patients. 

Embedded in one of the UK’s best trauma centres, Critical Condition follows the cases that matter most – the cases where someone’s life is on the line. Each programme puts viewers at the heart of this battle for life – following staff and patients as they confront the difficult realities of emergency medicine. 

Powerful and emotionally charged, Critical Condition captures life in Britain’s hospitals at its most intimate – delivering an unforgettable portrait of life at its most precious.


“Edge-of-the-seat stuff.” THE OBSERVER
“There are times when this stunning fly-on-the-wall documentary makes 24 Hours in A&E look like Carry on Doctor.” RADIO TIMES
“Critical Condition: the most nerve shreddingly hardcore hospital doc ever.” THE GUARDIAN
“Incredible…astonishing.” THE MIRROR
"An astounding programme.” THE TIMES


Seasons 1 - 5: 32 x one hour


Channel 5


2019 - 2023



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