Comparing the microwave to speed, convenience and cost of the air fryer, providing multiple taste testers and tracking their origins from the Second World War.

Nineteen forty five was not just the end of WW2, it was also a pivotal year for our kitchens. Born out of military necessity, two bits of kitchen tech would go on to transform our worlds. Fast forward to today, and they are fighting it out to see which one is king of the kitchen worktop. In Microwaves Vs. Airfryers: Which is Better? the kitchen appliance heavyweights go head to head in several rounds.

Both appliances have revolutionised the kitchen. The microwave most of us have grown up with and over 90% own one. The airfryer is the new kid on the block and has taken the world by storm with most of us who own one using it daily and we go to the Netherlands to discover, if it wasn’t for a convincing pitch, the airfryer might never have been.

They are both known to save us time, but when a mum and dad are competing to see who can put dinner on the table fastest, cooking from raw ingredients in their chosen appliance, who will come out on top? And it’s not just time these appliances can save. We look at how they can be kind on the purse strings too. Even for cash strapped students. And with energy prices soaring and Britain going through a cost of living crisis at least these appliances won’t send your bills soaring. They might even surprise us all.  From a nine minute curry cooked from raw ingredients to fish and chips fit for any seaside town. These appliances pack a punch and might just get you to reevaluate your kitchen cooking habits. But who will win the battle? Is there room for them both on our kitchen work tops or will one reign supreme? Find out in Microwaves Vs. Airfryers: Which is Better?

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