In this ground-breaking series, David Attenborough explores the extraordinary ways that animals hear and produce sound, and how it influences the decisions they make.

Sound is the vocabulary of nature. It plays a crucial role in the lives and everyday struggles of animals around the globe - from birth to surviving adulthood and finding a mate. 

The Secret World of Sound used cutting-edge audio technology to reveal new perspectives and understanding of animal behaviour. We will see how baby caiman communicate with each other from within the egg, how lions and hyaenas battle in the dark using sound, how a strange fish baffled local residents with its eerie hum, and how some birds have mastered the art of mimicry to remarkable effect.

Filmed in 4K ultra-high definition, each episode of this series will feature in-depth stories of up 8 animals, followed by 5-minutes of Behind-The-Scenes revealing the fascinating technologies used to make the series. The latest super-sensitive microphones and recording devices were used to capture sounds that are often out of reach of the human ear. For the first time, this major blue-chip television series will place “sound” centre stage.

EPISODE 1 - Hunters and Hunted 
For some animals, sound is key to survival. They use sound to hunt, to defend themselves, and to escape. With super sensitive ears, great gray owls can detect voles beneath a foot of snow, while kangaroo rats hear rattle snakes in the dark and defend themselves by foot drumming. Sound can make the difference between life and death.

EPISODE 2 - Love and Rivals 
For some animals, sound is the key to finding a mate and to warn off the competition.
Gibbons, dippers and lyrebirds sing some of the most melodious songs in nature to impress the females, whilst bull elk bugle and a strange deep sea fish hums and barks to communicate its intentions.

EPISODE 3 - Finding a Voice 
The most perilous time in an animal’s life is the very beginning. To survive, young animals need help, and to use their voices. This episode follows baby animals as they enter the world and use sound to announce their arrival, to beg for food and call for help in their quest to survive.

“Mostly, Secret World of Sound was overwhelming, rather than just lightly whelming or dubiously overegged." THE TELEGRAPH
“In between Attenborough’s words, we are invited to listen more closely than we have before," THE GUARDIAN
“Just as impressive as the owls, lions, dolphins, elephants and the cute kangaroo rat, is the greater chino-ed Attenborough, 98 this year, his narrations still music to the ear." THE TIMES
“This three-part series is as impressive as any of Sir David’s work for the BBC’s Natural History Unit." DAILY MAIL
"There was plenty to astonish us in this opening programme.” THE I


3 x one hour
Available in 4K / UHD


Sky UK, Netflix




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