In the same way that DNA profiling fundamentally changed Forensic Science, Familial DNA testing is supercharging DNA Profiling.

It is the forensic revolution that is seeing cold cases solved all over the world and Bloodline Detectives explores and tells the stories of some of the most extraordinary cases solved to date.

Using witness testimony, new interviews, archive footage and dramatic reconstructions, Bloodline Detectives is a compelling and highly watchable television series which reveals a new and dynamic form of crime fighting.

Each of the one-hour long episodes shows detectives solving cold cases by using the DNA of family members and how that additional DNA information is revolutionizing genetic profiling to solve criminal cases. With key witness testimony, new interviews with forensic and psychological experts, and reconstruction of crimes blended with archival footage, the programmes are a study in modern and futuristic crime solving techniques. They demonstrate how traditional investigative methods can now be significantly enhanced by the scientific power of forensic science and how Familial DNA profiling is changing the world.

Each episode in the series opens with a violent crime that was committed for an unknown reason and constructs the highly publicized cold case as it developed in the U.S. or the U.K. The series is modelled after the investigations that uncovered the identities of the Golden State Killer, the Grim Sleeper and other such killers who were ultimately caught using the Familial DNA process. The ultimate twist in the story is revealed with the help of forensic scientists who walk the viewers (and the detectives) through the new DNA analysis – Familial DNA . This finally leads to a resolution of the criminal case.

***** [Five Stars] THE HORROR REPORT
"Truly unique... a phenomenal series." THE HORROR REPORT


Seasons 1 - 3: 60 x one hour


Filmrise , Discovery Quest


2020 - 2023


Peninsula Television



Executive Producers

David Harvey, Max Einhorn


Charlotte Blennerhassett

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