Peckham’s Finest is an authentic tv show about a community of twenty-somethings and their families, friends and loved ones from the Southeast London area of Peckham.

We follow a cast of Peckhamites through love, laughter, career highs, lows, and daily dramas. A diverse group of locals who are all interconnected – from working-class heroes to people on their way up, or those who are all about doing what they can for their community. We can’t help but get embroiled in their lives as they strive for success and show that by working hard, anyone can make it in Peckham.

Over the summer and autumn, we embrace the wonderful spirit of everything great about Peckham. Filmed with a brand-new exciting style that blends real-life with tik tok style social media moments in the most up-to-date way! 

These are real stories so while we may never know what’s going to happen, we always know there will be comedy, joy, and drama at the heart of this must-watch entertainment tv show!

"Peckham's Finest is a delicious morsel of escapism which successfully distracts us from an apocalyptic news cycle that shows no sign of slowing down." DIGITAL SPY
"There's both a vibrancy and an authenticity to Peckham's Finest." DIGITAL SPY
"A reality show like no other... has certainly captured our attention for all of the right reasons." DIGITAL SPY


10 x 45-minutes (commercial duration) 10 x 33-minutes (actual duration)





Executive Producers

Derek McLean, Daniel Nettleton, James Lessell


Ashley Ganly-Kesington, Sophie Hales


Justin Lennox Bradley

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