Katharine ‘Kate’ Hepburn is definitive and distinctive, a force of nature, a once-in-a generation talent, whose progressive and free-spirited nature defines her roles, an actress who wins more Academy Awards than any other.

Katharine is deeply private. For decades she refuses to collect her Oscars or give interviews. She shies away from the press. Her autobiography Me is compelling not for what she says, but for how much she holds back. She glosses over her family history of mental illness, suicide, toxic relationships, and deep insecurities - yet these are the bricks that built her.

Our audience experiences an intimate revelation, the truth behind the beautiful, chiseled, public face. We celebrate a radical and pioneering woman of profound influence, who doesn’t fit into any of the 'boxes’ expected of her. Throughout her life, she wears various female identities: daughter, sister, actress, beauty, wife, girlfriend, victim, superstar. It takes great loss and hard won insight to be happy just being Kate.

Call Me Kate is also a movie for the outcasts, the misfits, the girls and boys uncomfortable in their own skin, who don’t conform with traditional expectations. It is the universal story of how - like Kate - we must be true to ourselves, not the forces that shape us.

From director Lorna Tucker (Westwood, Amá, Someone's Daughter Someone's Son, Thursdays) and Salon Pictures (Audrey, McQueen, This is Joan Collins, Killing Escobar, Churchill, Gascoigne).

**** [Four Stars] "The actress Katharine Hepburn was a unique and powerful presence, and this new profile really captures her spirit." DAILY MAIL WEEKEND
"Pick of the day." IRISH DAILY STAR
"Tucker brings together footage, photographs and interviews, including with Hepburn herself, to create a portrait of a complex woman." THE HERALD
"Lorna Tucker’s skilful marshalling of a huge array of material also allowed essential truths to slowly emerge like shards of glass producing a beautifully illuminated whole." THE TIMES
"Excellent." THE HERALD
**** [Four Stars] THE TIMES
"Through the revelation of previously hidden audio-visual records, a glimpse into the enigmatic existence of the reclusive cinematic icon Katharine Hepburn is unveiled in this captivating chronicle." FORBES
"The Best New Movies And Shows On Netflix This Week." FORBES


1 x 86-minutes


Sky UK, Sky Italy, Netlix USA




Salon Pictures




Lorna Tucker


Nick Taussig

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