Nine sisters navigate the modern world while trying to stay true to their mother’s values – in the Rule household, family rules.

Family Rules is an observational documentary series following the lives of nine sisters: Angela (29), Shenika (27), Helen (26), Kelly (23), Kiara (22), Sharna (20), Aleisha (17), Jessica (14) and Hannah (12). It follows the everyday triumphs and misfortunes of these young women as they balance their aspirations with the values of their mother, Daniella. Filmed over nine months, this series provides an exclusive look into a contemporary Indigenous Australian family and the familiar problems of adolescence, young adult life and parenthood.

Each episode of the show focuses on the lives of particular sisters as they give an insight into the challenges common to many young women. However, navigating life in a family of nine presents its own unique challenges and when the rules are broken, everyone has something to say.

The three eldest girls - Angela, Shenika and Helen all live within a five kilometre radius of their mother’s house with their own families. These young women are juggling the challenges of having young children and their own career ambitions. The three middle girls - Kelly, Kiara and Sharna are trying to live independent lives free from their frustrating but lovable younger sisters. The three youngest girls - Aleisha, Jessica and Hannah live at home with Mum and are consumed with adolescent dilemmas. All the while, mother of nine, Daniella, traverses a tricky landscape of endless conflict - and risks calls of favouritism - in order to keep her family together. But keeping all her daughters happy is difficult, especially when she is doing it on her own and in the shadow of a shocking past trauma.

Family Rules is heartwarming and life-affirming series providing an intimate snapshot of modern family life.


Seasons 1 - 3 : 18 x half hours


NITV Australia







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