Top Guns: Inside the RAF is a 6 x 60’ observational documentary series that follows the men and women based at the Royal Air Force’s frontline Lossiemouth airbase in northern Scotland.

Home to fast jet fighter bombers and long-range maritime patrol aircraft, Top Guns: Inside the RAF takes us in to the cockpit, flight deck and station HQ as the crews defend Britain’s skies from any threat.

Whether that’s policing NATO airspace in the skies over eastern Europe; patrolling the North Sea hunting suspicious Russian warships or deployed to carry out the fight against Daesh in the Middle East, this series takes us to the frontline and shows what life is really like for the service personnel at the heart of the UK’s defence.

"Fascinating." RADIO TIMES
**** [Four Stars] HEAT MAGAZINE
"Hot TV choice." DAILY STAR
"Pick of the day." DAILY MIRROR
"Pick of the day." WHAT'S ON TV
"Pick of the day." TV CHOICE
"For those who enjoyed the thrilling 1986 film Top Gun... this military docu-series gives us the real thing." THE SUNDAY TIMES
"Viewers took to Twitter to praise the show which follows pilots at RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland." DAILY MAIL
"Enter the cockpit of a typhoon fighter jet in this gravity-defying series." RADIO TIMES
"Gripping... extraordinary footage." THE DAILY TELEGRAPH
"Pick of the day." IRISH DAILY STAR
"In common with almost everyone in this series, Ben regularly risks life and lime on our behalf. If that doesn't earn him the right to pop on his shades and do his finest Tom Cruise pose, I don't know what does." SUNDAY EXPRESS
"Going beyond the awe-inspiring aerial manoeuvres and state-of-the-art technology, the documentary series also delves into the collaborative efforts of the Royal Air Force with its allies and partners." METRO
"Thrilling new series." DAILY MAIL
"This new series makes being a fighter pilot look every bit as thrilling as Tom Cruise's Top Gun films." IRISH DAILY MAIL
"The title of this new documentary series isn't hyperbole - some of the aerial sequences they capture of RAF's finest are impressively cinematic." DAILY MAIL WEEKEND
"Unprecedented access." THE MIRROR
"Britain's answer to Maverick and Goose from Top Gun might well be found in this gripping six-part documentary series." DAILY RECORD
“Superb...this thrilling access-all-areas has never felt so urgent.” THE TELEGRAPH
“An insightful documentary series showing up the pilots that make up Britain's defence forces in the air.” WHAT TO WATCH
“Exhilarating... a must-watch for aviation enthusiasts and those intrigued by the nation's defence capabilities.” RAF NEWS
“Gripping... a riveting journey through the skies.” UK DEFENCE JOURNAL
“Heart stopping footage from the programme shows the moment Jake is launched into the sky in his Typhoon after three Russian fighter jets were found near NATO airspace.” DAILY MAIL


6 x one hour


Channel 4 (UK)


2023 & 2024



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