This series, presented by Sir Tony Robinson, travels the world to explore the most unusual and innovative machines and vehicles…

It’s packed with exciting stunts, epic challenges and plenty of accessible engineering and science content.

This exciting new series celebrates a host of modern engineering marvels, many of them you would never have even known existed. In each episode, Tony discovers four truly mind-blowing and unique machines. He’ll meet the teams who operate them and the amazing engineers, scientists and inventors who created them. Through behind-the-scenes access to the factories and workshops, technical displays and engaging challenges, he’ll explore the incredible science and engineering that make these machines tick in fun and exciting ways... and sometimes even get to have a go at operating them himself.

*Two versions of the series available - one without presenter.*

Episode 1: Unsung Heroes

Tony Robinson uncovers machines that are the world's unsung heroes. From a vehicle that makes airport runways safe for landing, to the atomic clocks keeping humankind on time, these heroic machines save our modern lives from grinding to a halt. 

Episode 2: Mighty Machines

Tony Robinson meets the mighty machines that do the real heavy lifting. From a vehicle that snatches super yachts out of the water, to a bridge building mechanical monster. These are the Goliaths that put us mere mortals to shame.

Episode 3: Artificial Intelligence

Tony Robinson leaps into the future to explore artificial intelligence.  From a humanoid robot that answers back, to the little workhorses that make next-day delivery possible; AI is ushering in a whole new generation of marvellous machines.

Episode 4: Superhuman

Tony Robinson explores machines that help us mere mortals become superhuman. From a tree-chopping-device faster than twenty lumberjacks, to a jet-powered suit that could be worn by flying paramedics. These heroic machines help us do jobs faster, safer, and better.

Episode 5: Mechanical Menagerie

Tony Robinson goes on safari to find majestic machines that are inspired by the animal kingdom. We'll see an excavator that walks like a spider, and Tony gets hands-on with a live-saving mechanical octopus.

Episode 6: Green Machines

Tony Robinson looks under the bonnet of some innovative machines leading the green revolution, from a Welsh hydrogen-powered car to a solar plane used to train the next generation of pilots.  


6 x one hour


UKTV, BBC Earth, SBS Australia, Welt Germany




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