People have been getting scammed since the beginning of civilisation, but today scamming has turned into a crisis of epidemic proportions.

Thanks to the internet, a single clever scam can rip off thousands or even millions of people.

We think our computers will save us, but in fact, we are the weakest point in the computer's defences. Eighty-four per cent of scammers use our human weaknesses to pull off their scams. Vulnerabilities like trust, greed, fear and love will see us acting in ways that we might later regret. The scammer's social engineering tries to make us act against our own interests.

Could we be doing something to protect ourselves better? Using the psychology of human nature, social experiments, and real-life scams, psychologist Nigel Latta will prove that all of us are vulnerable - even though 90% of us believe we can't be scammed!

Episode 1: Confidence/Impersonation + Complacency/Phishing
Nigel Latta helps steal watches from the unwitting public, putting the confidence in con-artist and then tries his hand at fake mind-reading. We also find out about impersonation and phishing scams.

Episode 2: Optimism/Buying + Selling + FOMO/Investment
Nigel Latta demonstrates why FOMO puts you at risk of an Investment Scam by stealing biscuits from children. And illustrates why optimism is a terrible trait when you’re buying online. 

Episode 3: Fear/Extortion + Trust/Invoice
Nigel Latta uses a massive spider to show how fear makes us vulnerable to scams and asks would you trust someone with your $50?  

Episode 4 Compliance/Remote Access + Love/Romance
It’s a given that we’re more likely to help someone we like, and in this episode, Nigel turns some people into unwitting “money mules” and becomes entwined in a Romance Scam with his new special friend Candy!

"You’ve Been Scammed delivers real world knowledge-you-can-use in an entertaining and easy-to-understand manner." STUFF
"Entertaining, educational and jam-packed with a Latta scams, worth a watch for people all of ages". THE SPINOFF
"Latta has always been a master of holding the audience’s attention". STUFF
"Psychologist Nigel Latta is NZ’s most trusted TV dad". THE SPINOFF


4 x half hours






Ruckus Media


New Zealand


Nigel Latta


Mitchell Hawkes


Arwen O’Connor

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