The heart-pounding story of a relentless mission to secure accountability for the mass atrocities occurring in Ukraine.

In this real time crime thriller set in a war-zone, director Laura Warner embeds with war crimes investigator Anya Neistat and her team as they track down a group of survivors bold enough to take a stand against those who committed the most heinous crimes of rape, torture and murder against their families.

Working with the Clooney Foundation for Justice, led by Amal and George Clooney, Anya joins forces with Solomiia Stasiv, a young Ukrainian woman just entering the field after witnessing the brutal invasion of her homeland. Together, they document evidence of human rights abuses in the fight to bring Russian commanders and soldiers to trial, and justice to the Ukrainian people

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The Wrap Review

"There are true terrors in “The Cranes Call.” There are real victims. There are real monsters. Fortunately, it seems there are at least a handful of human beings trying their best to do what heroes do." THE WRAP
"If you walked into a theater showing Laura Warner’s “The Cranes Call” by accident, two things would happen. First, you’d probably assume it was a David Fincher movie for several minutes, given its dark mystery storyline, piercing photography and intense editing. Second, you’d probably sit down and watch the whole thing because it’s a hell of a film." THE WRAP
"Follows criminal investigators with a riveting cinematic flare." THE WRAP
"Documentary’s Hunt for Russian War Criminals Is the Stuff of Studio Thrillers." THE WRAP
[Tribeca highlights] "At the core of our mission is the belief that art can spark change, particularly in the aftermath of global conflicts. The Cranes Call, directed by Laura Warner, spotlights war crimes investigators for the Clooney Foundation for Justice. FILMY SASI
"A stunning piece of work." CNN
[Tribeca highlights] "Films tackling hate and destructive geopolitics include America’s Burning, Hacking Hate, Antidote and The Cranes Call." DEADLINE


1 x 92-minutes


Channel 4








Laura Warner


Evan Williams

Executive Producers

Siobhan Sinnerton, Amy Flanagan, Evan Williams, Liev Schreiber

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