Andrew Ucles refuses to believe every corner of the earth has been explored... because no-one explores quite like him.

Working on the theory that animals are always willing to give you a little of their time if you treat them correctly, survivalist and adventurer Andrew Ucles visits Africa, South America and the wilds of top-end Australia to test himself, his stamina and his sanity.

Exploring largely on his own, he travels through the jungles, plains and rivers looking for animals to interact with. From elephants, zebras, porcupines and poisonous snakes in Africa, to sloths, giant spiders and anteaters in South America and wild pigs and brumbies in Australia, there is always something for Andrew to marvel at and learn about.

In South America, Andrew heads deep into the Amazon on his own to see how many animals he can interact with within a day's walk of his makeshift camp. Andrew learns the jungle can be the harshest of environments – where everything is designed to kill or maim – including the animals he interacts with. It’s no wonder SAS soldiers do a jungle endurance course to see if they have what it takes to be an elite fighter. He learns how to avoid giant spikey trees, how to crack coconuts in a caiman’s jaw and how to dance with an anteater.

In Africa Andrew goes solo into the rivers and plains of west Zambia to interact with Africa’s so called ‘Big Five’ animals. He gets chased by elephants, stalked by lions, spiked by porcupine and mesmerised by a chameleon.

In Australia Andrew takes on the daunting Arnhem Land in the top end – in the wet it’s a boggy impassable expanse – in the dry it’s a hot, waterless scrub. Andrew literally declines before our eyes over the course of his 600km journey, facing wild pig, crazy stallions, water buffalo, and the ever-present threat of crocodiles.

Born to be Wild gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘up close and personal’.


3 x one hour




EQ Media Group



Filmed and hosted by

Andrew Ucles

Executive Producers

David Alrich, Brendan Dahill

Series Producer

Jackie Munro

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