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An ambitious and powerful story, Amber is an emotional journey filled with psychological insight and unexpected twists as the girl’s disappearance has an impact far greater than anyone could have imagined, imparting the sense of loss, incomprehension and anguish a family feels when a loved one, especially a child, goes missing.

Living in Dublin’s suburbs, Ben and Sarah Bailey are recently separated yet doing their best to get on with their lives while remaining good parents to their children, Amber and Eamon. Then, in one day, their lives are turned upside down when Amber fails to return home one evening.

The disappearance of 14-year-old Amber Bailey sets off a two-year search during which time her family experience unimaginable guilt, fear, and devastating grief as they live out every parent’s worst nightmare.

Investigating the case of the missing teenager from different viewpoints, each episode plays with the chronology of events and focuses on the perspective of one individual connected to the case as first her family, then friends, then complete strangers become drawn into the quest to find out what happened.

As the drama unfolds the audience must answer pivotal questions to unravel the mystery…

What are 'the daughters of the air'? Who is the prison inmate who claims to know something about Amber? Who has Amber’s phone? And was someone watching Amber online?

"Gripping Irish drama." JOE.IE
"Glossy, smart, brimming with noir-ish swagger." INDEPENDENT.IE


Scripted / Drama


4 x one hour






Thaddeus O'Sullivan

Screenplay by

Gary Duggan , Rob Cawley


David Herlihy, David Murray, Emily Nagle, Eva Birthistle, Justine Mitchell, Lauryn Canny, Levi O'Sullivan, Ned Dennehy, Stella McCusker

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