The definitive story of the destruction of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol told with access to the people who lived there.

Mariupol is a symbol of what has happened to Ukraine. It was a modern European city of 400,000 people. Over two months, it was destroyed, with Ukrainian officials estimating more than 20,000 of its inhabitants have been killed.

Mariupol: The People’s Story tells the story, from the first shells and bombs to the final days of the besieged Azovstal Steel Works and the fall of the city.

This is a story of war crimes and suffering but is also a story of a people who showed amazing courage, incredible daring in escape and an undaunted spirit.

"Superb television." THE SUNDAY TIMES
"Arguably the first comprehensive narrative of a city's destruction." THE TIMES
"Pick of the day." CRITIC'S CHOICE
"This documentary charting the misery inflicted on the once-thriving port of Mariupol will stop you in your tracks." METRO
"All I can say is please do watch it." THE TIMES
"Tonight's TV choice." METRO
"Top picks for this week." THE MAIL ON SUNDAY
"Outstanding documentary." THE SUNDAY TIMES
"The very best of the week ahead." THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH
"Powerful... It's a hard but vital watch." THE SUN
"This powerful documentary - filmed by the residents themselves - tells the story of the siege, and celebrates the courage of the people who escaped as well as the ones who stayed." THE DAILY MAIL
***** [Five Stars] THE DAILY MAIL
"Pick of the day." THE SUN
"Immensely personal." THE DAILY TELEGRAPH
"This week's 10 to watch." THE I
"Today's choice." TV CHOICE
"The people of this once thriving city tell their own story in a powerful Panorama special documenting their loss, bravery, determination and incredible escape." TOTAL TV GUIDE
"Today's pick of the day." TOTAL TV GUIDE
"The tragic facts on a citywide scale are brutal, but it's the ravaged thousand-yard stares of survivors, doctors, journalists and office workers, that truly haunt." THE RADIO TIMES
"If you have tears, shed them for Mariupol." THE TIMES
***** [Five Stars] "Harrowing." THE TIMES
***** [Five Stars] THE FINANCIAL TIMES
"It is a rare example of a film that merits the use of the imperative “must watch”. The extraordinary courage shown by the people who kept filming, and those who keep talking, has to be met with some of our own." THE FINANCIAL TIMES
"What to watch tonight." THE DAILY TELEGRAPH
"Nothing brings to life the horrors of war more than the personal stories of those who survived it." THE MIRROR
"Outstanding documentary." THE SUNDAY TIMES
"Makes for upsetting but necessary viewing." THE FINANCIAL TIMES
"Grim but necessary viewing." THE DAILY TELEGRAPH
"Ensure[s] that the devastating truth of what happened in Mariupol is excavated from the rubble and the scarcely digestible statistics." THE FINANCIAL TIMES
"Powerful." THE DAILY MAIL
"Harrowing but essential viewing." THE GUARDIAN
"Powerful documentary." THE MIRROR
"Pick of the day." THE MIRROR
"12 of the best shows to watch this week." THE IRISH TIMES
"Harrowing and intense." THE MIRROR
"A chilling account." THE MIRROR


1 x one hour (1 x 90-minute version also available)






Top Hat




Robin Barnwell


Hilary Andersson

Executive Producers

Darren Kemp, Tom Stone

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