To catch a monster you must get inside his head. A profiler's true story.

Based on the book of the same name, Catch Me A Killer tells the harrowing true story of former journalist-turned-psychological profiler Micki Pistorius (Charlotte Hope, The Spanish Princess, Game of Thrones), South Africa’s first serial killer profiler.

In 1994, against the backdrop of a country getting used to democracy, Micki joins a police task team on the hunt for a notorious serial killer the Station Strangler; a serial murderer who has left a trail of 22 dead boys in his wake.

While finding her feet in a male-dominated arena, Micki battles with her status as an outsider in the police force and in the community she serves.

In each episode of this brooding dramatic thriller, Micki deals with the looming spectre of her personal life and confronts increasing darkness in her quest to entrap and understand some of South Africa’s most infamous serial killers.




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Scripted / Drama


9 x one hour plus 1 x 90-minutes (Also available: 11 x one hour)







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