Every town has its secrets.

Thrilling and eerie, Bellevue is set in a small blue-collar town with a lot of ‘good people’ who ‘live right’ and take it upon themselves to make sure the neighbours do too. Driving the mystery series is Detective Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin, True Blood), a cop whose intense and brazen personality has always been at odds with her hometown.

When a bullied teen goes missing, Annie dives in to unravel the disappearance that suggests foul play, despite finding herself in a difficult position as she must cast suspicion on people she has known all her life. As the case pulls her further away from her family, she is also confronted by a mysterious person from her past with disturbing answers and a terrifying need to get inside her head. Allen Leech (Downton Abbey) stars as Annie’s on again, off again ex, Eddie, while Shawn Doyle (House of Cards) takes on the role of Annie’s superior, Police Chief Peter Welland.

"[Paquin] has a rare ability to communicate intensity and complex, conflicting emotions.” THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Gripping." VARIETY
“It's original, ambitious and it stands apart.” THE GLOBE AND MAIL


8 x one hour






Anna Paquin, Allen Leech, Shawn Doyle

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