A coming-of-age story, Sort Of exposes the labels we once poured ourselves into as no longer applicable... to anyone.

Sort Of is a big-hearted series about Sabi Mehboob, a fluid millennial who straddles various identities from sexy bartender at an LGBTQ bookstore/bar, to the youngest child in a large Pakistani family, to the de facto parent of a downtown hipster family.

Sabi feels like they’re in transition in every aspect of their life, from gender to love to sexuality to family to career. When Sabi’s best friend 7ven presents them with an opportunity to live and find themself in the "queerest place in the galaxy," Sabi instead makes the decision to stay and care for the kids they nanny after their mom has a serious bike accident.

Do they regret it? Sort of.

“This nuanced dramedy explores love and life and death, and how the three can be more intertwined than we realise.” THE GUARDIAN
“Sort Of distinguishes itself with the kind of winning sensibility that creates equal room for one-liners and heartfelt, sometimes roiling emotions, most of which Sabi keeps bottled up.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE
“Sort Of has a laid back, funny vibe, which is mostly driven by Bilal Baig’s performance. Yes, the main character is nonbinary, but that’s only part of the story, which is what makes the show so entertaining.” DECIDER
“The show takes issues that are often used as hot buttons — gayness, trans life, racial difference, interracial relationships — and with decent, good sense treats them as an everyday, often funny part of life.” NPR
“Sort Of is the type of television so many other shows are trying to be but never quite achieve. It’s meaningfully diverse and intersectional, with three-dimensional characters, hilarious dialogue and a big heart.” THE GUARDIAN
"A groundbreaking dramatic comedy, unlike any story we’ve seen on TV before. It’s a beautifully told story that captures the essence of a generation where the path forward isn’t as clear as it was for their parents and grandparents.” TELEVIXEN
“More than kind of funny. Cleverly written and frenetically paced... Sort Of is a fresh and funny series that authentically captures the vibrant energy of Toronto and the terminal indecision that plagues many of its young people.” THE CANADIAN PRESS
"The humour is lived-in, warm, real, both refreshingly local and universal." FASHION MAGAZINE
"A lead worth rooting for." THE GUARDIAN
"Truly one of a kind." REFINERY29
“Warm, funny, and generous.” E TALK
“Genuinely original.. outright brilliant.” THE GLOBE AND MAIL
“Groundbreaking.” TORONTO STAR
“Insightful, funny and refreshingly diverse.” NOW TORONTO
“Funny, soapy satiric and tender... Bilal Baig has a rare type of charisma.” THE GLOBE AND MAIL
“Will strike a chord with everyone who’s felt torn between two worlds.” E TALK
“The show has everything.” THE VIBE
“A smart and refreshing comedy.” BLOG TO
“There’s nothing better than taking a chance on a new TV show, only to immediately fall in love.” THE VIBE
“The supporting performances… are brilliant.” NOW TORONTO
“Refreshing…The creators strike the right tone of urbane comedy and poignant character drama.” NOW TORONTO
“If you’re into quirky coming-of-age stories Sort Of checks all the boxes.” CHATELAINE
“Sharp, witty and literate… TV done right.” NOW TORONTO
“Get ready to feel all the feels in this exploration of identities and labels.” SCREEN RANT
“Not only is the show breaking down barriers in subject matter on mainstream television, but it’s providing on-screen representation for those who may not have had that prior.” THE VIBE
“What the television world needs is more shows centred around gender-fluid characters. Luckily Sort Of is here to provide exactly that.” SCREEN RANT


8 x half hours
Available in 4K / UHD






Fab Filippo, Renuka Jeyapalan


Bilal Baig, Fab Filippo, Jenn Engels, Ian Iqbal Rashid, Nelu Handa

Executive Producers

Bilal Baig, Fab Filippo, Jennifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny, Bruno Dubé


Bilal Baig, Gray Powell, Amanda Cordner, Gregory Ambrose Calderone, Becca Blackwell, Cassandra James, Ellora Patnaik, Grace Lynn Kung, Supinder Wraich, Kaya Kanashiro, Aden Bedard, Alanna Bale

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