Hope Street celebrates the warm hearted and good humoured people of a beautiful, fictional town in Northern Ireland as they build a future together rather than dwelling on the differences of the past.


Hope Street is set in the fictional town of Port Devine on the Northern Ireland coast, focussing on Port Devine’s police department and the mysterious arrival of English Detective Constable Leila Hussain, the first Muslim police officer in the town’s history.

The character led series combines a long running serial narrative with self contained crime stories in each episode.


The story picks up six months after the car crash at the end of season one. Following his brush with death, Inspector Finn O’Hare is a haunted man, but he’s in fierce denial that anything’s wrong with him.

The police officers are joined by a new detective, Al Quinn, who is a laid-back breath of fresh air – until his wilful daughter turns up and plunges him into a moral and ethical dilemma. As the series progresses, Al struggles to juggle his duty as a police officer with protecting his daughter – unaware Police Constable Callum McCarthy is always watching.

The series combines traditional serial narrative with a quirky, compelling self-contained crime story in each episode, always remaining positive, bighearted and life-affirming. 


Hope Street, the heart-warming police drama set on Northern Ireland’s coastline, is back – for an extended run of fifteen episodes. 

As the series opens, we meet a new Detective Constable, the mysterious Jo Lipton. As Jo sets Constable Callum McCarthy’s heart racing, it becomes clear that she’s here with a secret agenda. Meanwhile Callum has his work cut out when he’s tasked with mentoring rookie cop Ryan Power. Headstrong Ryan is soon questioning Callum’s authority – with explosive results.

There’s a shock in store for Inspector Finn O’Hare when he discovers that Concepta is not his birth mother. Then his second-in-command, Sergeant Marlene Pettigrew surprises everyone by proposing to her girlfriend, which leads to a serious clash of ethics with Marlene’s Uncle Barry. 

And, at The Commodore pub, Clint Devine-Dunwoody revives his Country & Western music career – with disastrous consequences for his marriage to self-styled ‘Queen Of Port Devine’ Nicole.

**** [Four Stars] METRO
**** [Four Stars] DAILY MAIL
"Stunning scenery.. brilliant stories." WHAT'S ON TV
"Likable daily drama." RADIO TIMES
"A lot to enjoy...likable characters... moving." TV TIMES
**** [Four Stars] TV TIMES
"Daytime telly should be light-hearted and fun with a dash of drama, this new series certainly ticks all the boxes." THE SUN
"Lively script... I'm starting to get hooked." DAILY MAIL
"Charming..." DAILY MAIL
"Charming... goes from strength-to-strength... it’s the community-driven aspect of Hope Street that really packs the punches." METRO
“Has all the makings of TV’s next big thing, given the stellar line-up of people who worked on bringing it to life.” METRO
“The acting, it has to be said, is second to none.” BELFAST TELEGRAPH
"The gorgeous Port Devine truly shines in every establishing shot." METRO
“The setting certainly welcomes viewers in, with characters you can liken to people you know.” BELFAST TELEGRAPH
"Characters you are guaranteed to fall in love with." METRO
“If you’re a fan of serial dramas, this one is certainly one to watch!” METRO
“Hope Street will no doubt become a favourite.” BELFAST TELEGRAPH


Scripted / Drama


Seasons 1 - 3: 35 x one hour


BBC, Britbox


2021 - 2024


Long Story TV


Northern Ireland


Donna Wiffen, Paul Marquess


Paul Marquess, Susanne Farrell, Jessica Lea, Christine Murphy, Stuart Drennan


Sean Glynn, Bruce Webb, Dez McCarthy


Amara Karan, Ciarán McMenamin, Bríd Brennan, Des McAleer, Kerri Quinn, Niall Wright, Aaron McCusker, Niamh McGrady, Rachel Tucker, Stephen Hagan, Karen Hassan

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