Crime-solving adventures and tumultuous relationships abound in this fresh, contemporary comedic drama.

Republic of Doyle revolves around the deliciously dysfunctional Doyle family as they try to make it all work running a father and son private investigative agency...

Set against the spectacularly rugged backdrop of Newfoundland, this stand-out series is created by and stars Allan Hawco (Caught, Trojan Horse) as the roguish and irreverent P.I. Jake Doyle, alongside award-winning actor Sean McGinley (Richard Attenborough’s Closing The Ring, Bleak House) as father and business partner Malachy. Together they run the Doyle P.I. agency in the charming and unique setting of their hometown, St. John’s, which is rapidly transforming from a small seaport to a booming oil town.

Also starring Lynda Boyd (The L Word) stars as Malachy’s sassy, quick-witted and fast-talking girlfriend Rose; Rachel Wilson (In the Tall Grass) in the role of Jake’s tempestuous ex-wife Dr Nikki Renholds and Krystin Pellerin (The Tudors) as ‘hot cop’ Constable Bennett and Jake’s love-interest. Marthe Bernard (Young Triffie) features as Tinny, Malachy’s rebellious teenage granddaughter and Mark O’Brien is Des, street punk-turned Doyle P.I. apprentice.

“Clever plots, gifted actors, beautiful scenery and crisp, witty dialogue.” LAKE COUNTY NEWS
“The characters are well rounded... full of dry humor and wit.” FILM DAILY


Scripted / Drama


Seasons 1 - 6: 77 x one hour





Directors Include

Jerry Ciccoritti, Jim Allodi, Larry McLean, Mike Clattenburg, Rob Lieberman

Executive Producers

Allan Hawco, John Vatcher, Rob Blackie

Cast Includes

Allan Hawco, Sean McGinley, Lynda Boyd, Rachel Wilson, Krystin Pellerin, Marthe Bernard

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