Scrublands is a compelling crime series based on the award-winning novel written by Chris Hammer.


Scrublands is set in an isolated country town, where a charismatic and dedicated young priest (Jay Ryan) calmly opens fire on his congregation, killing five parishioners. One year later investigative journalist Martin Scarsden (Luke Arnold) arrives in Riversend to write what should be a simple feature story on the anniversary of the tragedy. But when Martin’s instincts kick in and he digs beneath the surface, the previously accepted narrative begins to fall apart and he finds himself in a life and death race to uncover the truth.

Starring Luke Arnold (Black Sail, Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS), Jay Ryan (It Chapter Two, Top of the Lake) and Bella Heathcote (C*A*U*G*H*T, Relic). The cast also includes Zane Ciarma (Neighbours), Adam Zwar (Squinters), Victoria Thaine (Nowhere Boys), Robert Taylor (The Newsreader), Stacy Clausen (True Spirit), Genevieve Morris (No Activity) and newcomer Ella Ferris.

Scrublands is directed by Greg McLean, written by Felicity Packard, Kelsey Munro and Jock Serong, produced by Ian Collie, Rob Gibson, David Redman and Felicity Packard.


In the brand new season, it’s been a year since the life changing events of Scrublands and award-winning investigative journalist Martin Scarsden (Arnold) has returned to his coastal hometown, Port Silver, WA, to set up a new life with partner Mandy Bond (Heathcote). When he arrives to find his childhood friend Jasper brutally murdered and Mandy the prime suspect, Martin struggles with doubts – about Mandy and about his own ability to recognise the truth. As he pushes forward to find the real murderer and absolve Mandy, Martin confronts secrets about Port Silver and his long-buried past.

Based on the best-selling novel Silver by Chris Hammer, the sequel to Scrublands, the second season will also star Luke Carroll (The Artful Dodger), Debra Lawrance (Please Like Me), David Roberts (Please Like Me), Tasma Walton (The Twelve), Luke Pegler (Hacksaw Ridge), Caroline Brazier (Stan Original Series Year Of), Joel Jackson (Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door), Toby Truslove (La Brea), Sarah Roberts (Home and Away), Hamish Michael (The Twelve), Radek Jonak (Stan Original Film The Surfer) and Damian De Montemas (Hounds of Love).

"That show [Firebite] was one of the best seen anywhere in 2021. Scrublands is right up there with it." MEDIA POST
"Scrublands is another home run for AMC Networks (out of many) and also a home run for Aussie TV in particular and international TV in general." MEDIA POST
"Imported mystery series that gets an “A” for Australia." MEDIA POST
"The best TV shows coming in May [AMC+]" THE NEW YORK TIMES
"It’s a rock-solid addition to the rural noir genre, engaging from the start, all the way to a satisfyingly explosive finale." THE GUARDIAN
"Strong performances from Luke Arnold and Bella Heathcote lead Stan’s gripping new crime drama..." THE GUARDIAN
**** [Four Stars] THE GUARDIAN
"Pick of the day." “Aussie thriller” DAILY TELEGRAPH
"Pick of the day." “flavoursome” I-NEWS
“a murder thriller” WHAT TO WATCH
“impressive” "Pick of the day." THE GUARDIAN
**** [Four Stars] “edgy and compelling” THE DAILY MAIL
"Pick of the weekend." TV & SATELLITE WEEK
"IPlayer Hot Pick." TV TIMES
"Streaming pick." GLAMOUR MAGAZINE
"Top pick." NEW IDEA
"Crime book of the year 2019, it was only a matter of time before Scrublands was adapted - the story lends itself well to the small screen." THE RADIO TIMES
"A thrilling 'whydunnit' that will grip viewers from moment one." THE DAILY MAIL
"All of the performances are strong... Bella Heathcote who plays the grieving Mandy Bond is the standout." THE CONVERSATION
"The series builds at a nice tempo before the truth is finally revealed." THE CONVERSATION
"Suspenseful narrative... an immersive story." THE CONVERSATION
"A new suspenseful Aussie inversion of the genre." THE CONVERSATION
"Engaging due to its fine ensemble." TV TONIGHT
**** [Four Stars] "Brooding new drama." TV TONIGHT
"This is top-shelf Aussie drama, beautifully realised on screen. More, please!" THE WEST AUSTRALIAN
"A solidly entertaining mystery." SCREEN HUB
**** [Four Stars] "It delivers the goods." SCREEN HUB
"It's intriguing and atmospheric with a neat, damaged turn from Arnold at its centre." THE RADIO TIMES
"You will be gripped from the very beginning... It's an original series you don't want to miss." MAMAMIA AUSTRALIA
"Excellent new series." THE WEST AUSTRALIAN
"It's the crime drama of the year." MAMAMIA AUSTRALIA
"An engaging, well-made piece of work... it’s truly notable." SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
"Scrublands shimmers with a kind of golden glow." SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
"Scrublands is compelling rural noir." SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
"Top series to watch - November 2023" DRAMA QUARTERLY


Scripted / Drama


Seasons 1 & 2: 8 x one hour


Stan Australia, Nine Network


2023 & 2024


Easy Tiger




Greg McLean


Ian Collie, Rob Gibson, David Redman


Felicity Packard, Kelsey Munro

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