The Shadow Island Mysteries unfold on an island in the pristine Canadian wilderness where the intrigue occurs in the mysterious woods and in the luxurious living quarters of the Shadow Island Resort.

At the center of the story is Claire La Foret, a beautiful young woman who works as the Property Manager. Claire loves puzzles and it’s her ambition to be a mystery writer. And mysteries have a way of finding her.


In the first movie, Wedding for One, Claire hosts her best friend’s wedding. Guests arrive, old family conflicts resurface and the night before the wedding, the Groom goes missing. Only Claire knows of Danny’s disappearance and she is determined to find him and bring him back before her best friend finds out. Has he left the island, has he been kidnapped or is this all a part of an elaborate ruse?

Soon Claire is being sent a series of mysterious clues from an unknown source. Are they from the Groom himself playing a joke on Claire or from the Groom’s kidnapper? Claire’s search for the groom is further complicated by the arrival of Jeff, Claire’s ex-boyfriend. Their romance is rekindled but short-lived. After all, the wedding starts at four and before that time, there’ll be a threat on Claire’s life, the arrival of more damaging puzzle pieces and the increased reality that what started as a game has become deadly serious.


In the second movie, The Last Christmas, Claire’s grandfather, Raymond La Foret has summoned the entire La Foret family to Shadow Island for a Christmas reunion. Raymond taught Claire everything she knows about puzzles so Claire is expecting the occasion to be filled with fun-filled games.

However, on Christmas Eve, Raymond announces that he is dying and that since this will be their last Christmas together he has constructed a special game especially for the occasion, 'The Jean La Foret Memorial Puzzle', dedicated to Claire’s mother who died five years earlier on Christmas. The rules are simple: whoever solves the puzzle will inherit the entire La Foret fortune; the losers will get nothing. To make matters more complicated, Raymond La Foret suddenly dies mysteriously. Claire finds a note reading, 'End the game before something happens.' Since Claire is the puzzle expert it falls on her to figure out what her grandfather’s game was designed to reveal… perhaps a murderer.


Scripted / Drama


2 x two hours






Gary Yates


Alex Galatis, Paula J. Smith


Jennifer Finnigan, Natalie Brown, Shaun Benson, Cedric Smith, Nola Augustson, Stefano DiMatteo, James Thomas, John B. Lowe, Theresa Joy

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