The Chase is centred around a family of vets, who live in a provincial town on the outskirts of Leeds.

George Williams has run his veterinary practice for over forty years and is cajoled by his new wife into handing the reins over, leaving them free to emigrate to warmer climates. As he announces for everyone to hear that he is giving equal share to his two daughters, the feathers start to fly. Anna, the eldest daughter, has been at the surgery her whole working life, choosing to stay and support the family practice rather than seeking out the bright lights of the city. Anna and her husband Tom, who is also a vet and their children are firmly planted in the heart of the surgery having being forced to live there when Anna’s mother died. Sarah, on the other hand, left the nest as soon as she was able to fly and settled or rather landed in London and set up home there.

When ultimately the sisters are thrown together to try and make a go of the archaic veterinary practice which their father, George has kept above water by the skin of his teeth, we see the combination of their commitment, passion and strength.

Throughout the series revelations of infidelity and shared secrets threaten to tear the family apart. Anna and Sarah have to deal with the complications of running a business side by side, whilst facing their fears, confronting their inadequacies and discovering a way to live under the same roof.

The colourful characters that make up the rest of the work force at The Chase veterinary surgery offer humour as well as pathos as we become familiar with their lives and their stories.

The Chase offers the unique insight into Britain’s two most popular pastimes; animal welfare and people watching. The complex nature of veterinary surgery is only matched by the complicated personal lives of our vets.

In a small town like Otley everybody knows everybody else’s business and it’s a constant source of drama in its own right!


Scripted / Drama


Seasons 1 & 2: 20 x one hour






Rollem Productions




Kay Mellor

Cast Includes

Gaynor Faye, Nicola Stephenson, Sunetra Sarker, Nicholas Gleaves, Reece Dinsdale, Liam Garrigan, Rachel Davies, Michelle Holmes, Heather Peace

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