Faithless is a captivating, timely and refreshingly funny series. It takes a comedic, tantalisingly honest and insightful look at an emerging Ireland, with its multi-cultural facets and challenges.

This sharp-witted tale tells the story of three young sisters living in Dublin and their Irish/ Egyptian dad who, after a tragic incident, is raising them alone. That is until his irresponsible younger brother moves in to ‘help’ and never leaves.

Meet the Amin family—the new fighting Irish. Faithless takes a close look at the ways the family cope with the vacuum left behind and realise that, regardless of age or seniority, everyone has to grow up fast.

Using black comedy, it shines a light on some uncomfortable truths about gender roles, grief, identity, acceptance, faith and happiness.

"Refreshing comedy drama." WOMAN'S DAY
"That’s Faithless’s strength, an earnest but very funny exploration of how we traverse an increasingly complex world where external forces try to define you before you’ve even figured it out yourself." THE NIGHTLY
"The jokes are sharp, the emotion is grounded and the writing is smart and insightful. Faithless is a keeper." THE NIGHTLY
"This Irish TV comedy series is good craic." THE NIGHTLY
"Audiences and critics are loving it." WHAT'S ON SBS
"Raw, funny, and unpredictable." WHAT'S ON SBS
"Like all the best comedy, there is darkness here as well as light." EXTRA.IE
"Underneath it all is a gentle and not even remotely in-your-face look at grief, faith, culture, identity, and much more besides." EXTRA.IE
"The programme of the week – Brilliant Baz gives us the best comedy in a DECADE with Faithless." EXTRA.IE
"Delivers zingers at a regular clip. It also has intelligent things to say about grief and the challenge of raising teenagers in a rapidly changing country." THE IRISH TIMES
"Excellent new sitcom." THE IRISH TIMES
"Viewers fall in love with Baz Ashmawy’s new show Faithless." VIP MAGAZINE
"Gutsy pace here that [makes] us sit up and notice." IRISH EXAMINER
"Give it a watch." IRISH EXAMINER
"One of the best TV shows to watch this week." THE IRISH TIMES
"Pick of the day." IRISH INDEPENDENT
"Baz Ashmawy’s irreverent new comedy isn’t subtle but it is brutally funny." THE IRISH TIMES
"Pick of the day... witty." IRISH DAILY STAR
"Confident comedy debut." THE IRISH HERALD
"It has no comic characters as such, like all the best comedies." IRISH EXAMINER
"Faithless is fresh and new in more ways than one." IRISH EXAMINER
"Baz Ashmawy comedy feels like Derry Girls set in Bray and it's just as good." IRISH EXAMINER
"Excellent work." IRISH INDEPENDENT
"It deftly juggles moments of sweetness and melancholy with bouts of slapstick silliness and shafts of pitch-black humour." IRISH INDEPENDENT
"Baz Ashmawy’s sitcom debut ‘Faithless’ delights in unexpected ways." IRISH INDEPENDENT


Scripted / Comedy / Drama


6 x half hours


Virgin Media TV






Baz Ashmawy (50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy), Mandy McKeon, Stefanie Preissner


Declan Recks


Baz Ashmawy (50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy)


Baz Ashmawy (50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy), Amir El Masry (Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker, SAS Rogue Heroes, The Night Manager), Raad Rawi (Holby City, Tyrant, Spy, Official Secrets), Art Campion (Derry Girls, Peaky Blinders)

Executive Producers

Baz Ashmawy, Lisa Mulchay, Andy Docherty


Michael Garland

Line Producer

Mickey Walsh

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